Sunday, October 27

8 Months!

Ellie is 8 Months old today, she slept in, has a cold and is teething (possible reason for cold)

She had a busy month between pumpkin patches, disneyland, Dana Point, Santa Cruz, family visiting and bowling! 

She's perfected the sitting (maybe a month or 2 ago, but it's been a long time since I last blogged)

She's army crawling

Eating anything she can, she loves everything I give her!

Rocking back and forth on her hands and knees and any day will be crawling

She's almost always happy and hardly ever cries!

Here are a few photos of our shenanigans from this past month:

Elephants on Parade

Riding the elephant at Baby's-R-Us

The firetruck at the fitness center in SouthPark, San Diego

First time really playing in the sane

I think I might like this

Ok, it's pretty amazing

Bates Nut Farm...lots of pumpkins!

Snuggle time with my cousin Cole!

Daddy is playing his guitar for me! 

Kinda crazy since it's in front of the Whaley House and it's haunted!

A little island at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Enjoying the bird show!

Clayton & Cole are bats!

Pretty tree

Cole, his marine cut, his glasses, his half smile

I love her!

So tired from a fun day at Disneyland!

The workers wanted to be in the picture

Did I mention Disneyland closed 10 minutes before this picture was taken, they were tired!

The gang

Pretty carriage for the Nightmare Before Christmas

Pretty elephant!

A corn elephant!

I loved this one! Turquoise nails!

Tuesday, May 28

3 Months!

I can't believe Ellie is already 3 months old! The time is flying so quickly and we are enjoying it so much!

We had a very busy month.

Ellie went to her baseball game, Padres v. Giants

We celebrated David's birthday

We went to David's first soccer game - he's in a soccer league with some co-workers

We went to the beach multiple times

She had to much fun meeting all of her aunts from my side of the family

We celebrated memorial day

She smiled...A LOT!

She played with her favorite toy!

And she even got to hang out with mom!

Monday, April 22


At our church, when you are born you are given a name blessing. 

Eleanor had hers on Sunday 

It was beautiful. She wore my dress from when I was a baby (made by my mom)

David gave a beautiful blessing with a few close friends from our ward.

The Blessing Circle
(Bishop Edwards, Brandon Blake, David, Adam Homewood & Mike Smith)

(I forgot to take photos of just Ellie in her dress on Sunday, so I put her back in the dress Monday evening and took some more photos)